Colombia Signs Peace Agreement

The revised agreement was submitted to Congress for approval instead of a referendum. The CSVR would include a verification mechanism with an international component. The verification mechanism would include two prestigious personalities of international renown, selected by the government and the FARC, and the international component would include a representative from each of the guarantor and accompanying countries. It would also include a technical component, the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame drafts the methodology for identifying progress in implementation. The verification mechanism would objectively verify the status of implementation of the agreement, identify delays or gaps, provide ongoing support and contribute to strengthening the implementation of the agreement. [112] But it is also reported that adequate health services remain poor or non-existent. Overall, we find that the top priorities of our respondents are more and better health care, schools and public services in general. Other priorities that are not directly related to the peace agreement are reducing crime, unemployment and immigration – particularly in Arauca, where there has recently been a deluge of Venezuelan migrants. Legislative Law 1 of 2016 amends the Constitution to create a special legislative procedure for the implementation of the agreement for a period of six months, renewable once. .

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